Girl Versus Dough

watermelon mojitos

watermelon mojitos on a surface

Need a go-to drink for the summer? You’re looking at it. These Watermelon Mojitos are super refreshing and delicious! Made with fresh watermelon and mint, light rum, lime juice and a splash of fizzy club soda, these cocktails are made for patio nights, cookouts or lazy summer days by the pool or in your backyard.

Most nights, I can be chill with just a glass of wine. But on the weekends or on special occasions, Elliott and I really enjoy making fun cocktails at home. That’s when this ridiculously tasty Watermelon Mojito was born and, well, let’s just say I’ll be drinking one of these every weekend from here until September (and then some). Join me, will you?

peach crisp

peach crisp in a bowl with vanilla ice cream

Summer just isn’t complete without a fresh fruit dessert, and this Peach Crisp is up to the task. Juicy sweet peaches are topped with a cinnamon-spiced crunchy granola topping for a truly delightful treat appropriate for any time — breakfast, dessert, after-lunch dessert, pre-dinner dessert, second breakfast, etc. You get the idea. Top it with a scoop or two of vanilla bean ice cream and, listen, you’re going to reach for seconds. Just let it happen.

I have a few weaknesses in life, but my friends, the greatest among them is fruit crisp. I just cannot stop with it. If you put a bowlful in front of me, warm and fresh with a crunchy topping and melty vanilla ice cream cascading down into the pools of sugary fruit syrup, I will lose all willpower. The only way to get me to stop eating it is to remove it from the room entirely (and even then, I might sniff it out for more).

5-ingredient smoked salmon pinwheels

a hand grabbing a salmon pinwheel from a cutting board

This blog post is sponsored by Angelic Bakehouse.

It’s officially summer, aka “make-and-take” season, and what better dish to bring to the party (or directly to the couch for a Netflix binge) than these 5-ingredient Smoked Salmon Pinwheels? That’s a rhetorical question, because these easy, no-cook bites are delicious, nutritious and above all, super simple to make. They’re the perfect go-to snack or appetizer of the summer.

I don’t know about you, but I always want — nay, NEED — easy, no-cook recipe ideas on hand for all the occasions. This can include a last-minute appetizer, a quick snack or a night when even the mere thought of cooking dinner is enough to send me straight to bed. Yet, I don’t want to compromise on flavor or nutrition. My friends, we can do this — and we have these smoked salmon pinwheels to thank for it.

sheet pan mongolian beef and vegetables

a bowl of sheet pan mongolian beef with a fork in it

When the dinner bell rings, this Sheet Pan Mongolian Beef and Vegetables should be at the table. Tender marinated slices of Flank Steak, crisp-roasted veggies, and fluffy white rice come together in a meal that’s as easy to make as it is to eat. Forget takeout – this is the new way to enjoy Asian food any night of the week.

I have very vivid, happy memories that involve Mongolian beef. As a kid, we’d often order Chinese food from a local place called Tang’s, and it’s basically the only Asian takeout I grew up on. We’d always order Mongolian beef as part of our spread and, not to pick favorites, but it was always the dish I loved most. Thin, savory, glazed strips of beef were tossed in an umami-packed sauce with slivers of green onions, and I would eat plateful after plateful.

chocolate chip cookie dough-stuffed pound cake

cookie dough stuffed pound cake on a cooling rack

Life is too short to not give this Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough-Stuffed Pound Cake a try. A dense and delicious chocolate chip-studded vanilla pound cake is layered with edible chocolate chip cookie dough and topped with a chocolate ganache and even more chocolate chips for a treat that is over-the-top in the very best ways.

Ladies and gents, this cookie dough-stuffed pound cake very well may be my legacy.

I mean, can we just look at this thing? Just look at it. It’s pure dessert gold. It’s the pinnacle of sweet mashups. I think I’ve peaked here and there’s nowhere else to go.

Of course, none of this will stop me from continuing to make desserts, but I DIGRESS. Let’s dig into this pound cake of dreams, shall we?

chocolate bundt cake with ruby chocolate glaze

Get some extra brownie — er, cake — points from Mom this Mother’s Day by baking her this Chocolate Bundt Cake with Ruby Chocolate Glaze! The Oster hand mixer with HEATSOFT technology makes prep easy, and the naturally pink chocolate drizzle takes everything to the next level. Mom will never be prouder.

This week is a big one — today is my birthday, tomorrow is Avery’s birthday and Sunday is Mother’s Day. Suffice it to say, we’ve been busy blowing out candles, sending off cards in the mail, wrapping presents and doing general celebratory things. And while it is true chaos in these parts, I also really love it — it’s a fun way to welcome in springtime.

But about the cake: This beautiful chocolate bundt cake is perhaps my new favorite addition to the party. It’s perfectly pretty in pink, intensely fudgy and best of all, easy to make. Whether you’re celebrating Mom, a birthday (or two) or the arrival of springtime, this cake is the perfect way to do it.