Candied Bacon Maple Walnut Ice Cream | @stephmwise

Why yes, yes I am sharing a recipe for ice cream today. In October. I’m such a rebel, I know. I can just picture you shuddering in intimidation.

Or maybe that’s because we’re talking about cold ice cream in cold October? I dunno.

Here’s the real reason I made ice cream this time of year: BECAUSE IT’S ICE CREAM. OK, that’s only part of the reason. Another, more legitimate reason involves the fact that my darling husband, who has never undergone surgery in his life, is getting his wisdom teeth pulled today. And that means he may or may not require copious amounts of TLC in the form of copious amounts of this candied bacon maple walnut ice cream. I hear that candied bacon especially works wonders on the recovery process.

Candied Bacon Maple Walnut Ice Cream | @stephmwise

I know in my case, a big part of my recovery is thanks to ice cream. When I got my wisdom teeth pulled in high school, my best friend came over with a pint of coffee ice cream and it was the It could have been a combination of that plus the drugs, but still — I ate that whole pint in lickety-split and I’ll never ever forget it. It was the best ice cream in the whole world.

Because I’m so fancy like a food blogger, when it came time for the hubs to do his time in the oral surgeon’s chair, I went big with a homemade ice cream filled with delicious, cozy, fall-ish flavors like pure maple syrup and toasted walnuts and candied bacon. It’s like a hug in ice cream form. A very chilly hug. That metaphor totally failed. Let’s rewind.

Maple. Walnuts. Bacon. Ice Cream. You don’t need the excuse of surgery to make this recipe soonest.

On that note, I’m off to the oral surgeon’s office with my phone in hand because YES, I am totally recording what my husband is like on laughing gas (best wife ever, I know). Head over to the KitchenAid blog, The Kitchenthusiast, for the recipe!