I’m part of this amazing community known as The Influence Network (started by the same gals who created the She Reads Truth community, which is equally awesome and socks rocking… seriously, if you need something to stir you daily, THIS is it). Anyschways, I’m participating in a little linkup as a way to get to know other lovely women in the community. Here we go.

influence network meetup

One photo of myself that I love: This photo of me and my husband, Elliott, on the day he graduated from graduate school. We were ending a very familiar chapter in our lives and about to enter a very new, very unknown, very terrifying one, but in that exact moment we chose to laugh together. Every time I see this photo (it’s on my About page) I remember that when things get tough or scary, I have him and I have Him.

Three things to help you get to know me: 1) I have three tattoos: An icthys on my inner ankle, a sparrow on my right shoulder/back and an anchor on my left forearm (in memory of my sea-loving grandfather). 2) I’ve been to India before and I hated every day of it and I’m definitely going back again someday and I can’t wait. 3) I get a lisp when I’m tired. Yesth, I do.

One valuable thing I’ve gained from the Influence Network: New friendships. Specifically, I’m a part of this incredible group of women I met via the network that meets online weekly (or, as often as we can with super-busy schedules and children and sicknesses and new jobs and life, ha) and in the few months we’ve chatted, I feel like I know and love these women like close friends and I’ve never even met them in person. That’s the crazy online world we live in.

That’s all she wrote. You can link up your own post here and get to know all the amazing women who make up this network.