a new look.

Hi there! Just popping in before the big turkey day tomorrow to show you the little (read: Big. Awesome. Amazing.) pre-holiday makeover Girl Versus Dough underwent these past couple of days. The lovely and fantastic ladies of Wooden Spoons Kitchen literally took all of my random, garbled babbling about all the pretty things I wanted my blog to have/look like and turned it into THIS. They’re geniuses. And magicians. And I can’t thank them enough.

So have a look around (especially at the new recipe index!). Take a peek. Do some fiddling (not like with a fiddle, duh — unless you do that, too, in which case by all means, PROCEED). Let me know if anything seems weird or wonky, please. And enjoy settling into this fancied up new home with me.

I would have a recipe to share with you today, but 1) I’m about to be all up in Thanksgiving vacation mode soon and I assume you are, too, and 2) the next recipe I have for you is really quite perfect for the weekend ahead. So I’ll be back on Friday with some brunch-like yums for you.

Until then, a very happy, peaceful, food-stuffed and love-filled Thanksgiving to you all. I heart you so.