fourthofjulyroundup copy

Happy almost Fourth, friendlies! Also, holy moly how is it already July? I know everyone keeps saying that, but for real, I swear it was Memorial Day, like, last weekend. My pasty-white skin also tells me it’s still wintertime (ain’t nobody got time for sunbathing with a bebe, you see), so that’s confusing.

Also, do you say “sunbathing” or “suntanning?” I say sunbathing, but then I feel like that’s a grandma thing to say. But I’m also 90 years old at heart, so, I suppose it’s befitting.

ANYWAY. Let’s talk about some good ol’ Fourth of July grub, shall we? We shall.

I know the holiday is tomorrow so I’m super awesomely sharing these recipes with you at the last minute like a boss, but hey! Most of them are quick and easy and all of them are tasty, so it will be worth changing up whatever plans you’ve got to make one or five of these recipes happen tomorrow. Or I can make them for you and then come over to your shindig as long as you save me one of those neat-o sparkler things and, like, an ice cream sandwich or something. Deal? Cool.

Here are some appetizers/sides/potluckin’ dishes just begging for a mouth party:

stuffed cheesy bread

Stuffed Cheesy Bread
Creamy Shrimp Cocktail Dip
Garlic Mushroom Queso Fundido

Shrimp Avocado Tostadas |

Shrimp Avocado Tostadas (hey, these happened on Monday! I thought they deserved a encore.)
Summer Panzanella Salad

Need an entree? Of course you do. Here are some yummy, summery ideas!

chicago-style hot dog buns

Chicago Style Hot Dogs (with homemade buns!)
Zucchini Corn Pancakes
Caramelized Spring Onion and Fennel Pizza with Beer Crust
Cornmeal-Crusted Catfish Sandwiches with Lemon-Caper Sauce
Dad’s White Chicken Chili

peach + gorgonzola grilled pizza

Peach and Gorgonzola Grilled Pizza
Tomato Pie (with a buttermilk parsley biscuit crust, WHOAYES.)

Desserts = duh.

double chocolate s'mores whoopie pies

Double Chocolate S’mores Whoopie Pies
Blueberry Cherry Cobbler
Brown Butter Peanut Butter Crispy Treats
Dark Chocolate Pistachio Ice Cream with Candied Bacon Bits

strawberry galette

Strawberry Galette
Pink Lemonade Bars
Watermelon Lime Granitas

For long weekend breakfasting:

lemon-ricotta pancakes + pomegranate syrup.

Whole Wheat Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Pomegranate Syrup
Key Lime Doughnuts
Gluten Free Blueberry Muesli Waffles
Fireworks Pancakes
Apple-Bacon Cheddar Mini Breakfast Pies

And some dranks for everyone!

cherry sake cocktails

Cherry Sake Cocktails
Bloody Marias
Frozen Thai Iced Coffee
Roasted Blueberry Malted Milkshakes

Now go fourth (Heeeeee) and eat well this weekend for me, mmmk? Happy holiday!