mexican grilled corn chowder.

This is what summer’s about.

It’s about ice-cold drinks and hot dogs, sprinklers and sparklers, sunburns and sunsets. It’s about friends and family, road trips and staycations, catching fireflies and throwing baseballs. It’s about joy and playfulness and praying you put on enough sunscreen so you don’t look like a lobster like you did that one time.

And, it’s about sharing yummy, homemade recipes that celebrate the season, like this Mexican grilled corn chowder.

I have professed before that I’m not a huge fan of chowder of the corn variety, but I have to say this particular recipe rocks my socks. It’s zesty and tangy and comforting all at the same time. It’s hearty enough to satisfy, but refreshing enough that you can eat it in the dead of summer and not feel like you’re going to melt. Plus, it’s based on Mexican grilled corn, which is the love child of all things delicious in this world — fresh corn on the cob, mayo, lime juice, spices and cheese. I think I’ve said all I need to say.

Happy Monday, and happy summer!