Dijon Roasted Brussels Sprouts | girlversusdough.com @girlversusdough

My parents never really had a hard time getting me to eat my vegetables, but they did have a problem with getting me to not eat all the Brussels sprouts at the dinner table before everyone else had his or her helping. This has been a running theme in my life, actually — in college, there was a time (or two) when I literally ate a bowl of Brussels sprouts for a meal. In my adulthood, I’ve been known to eat Brussels sprouts with couscous for my single lady dinners when the husband is working late. The moral of the story is: I really, really, ridiculously love Brussels sprouts.

So when I also tell you that these Dijon roasted Brussels sprouts are truly my new favorite way to eat them, I think you can rely on my sprouts-loving authority.

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Easy Brussels Sprout Tuna Salad | girlversusdough.com @stephmwise

This Brussels sprouts tuna salad was fate. And a few hundred miles away facing another computer screen, my mom is rolling her eyes.

See, my mom knows my love of Brussels sprouts — in fact, she regularly ribs me for it because she knows that on any given night, I’m probably eating them. I can’t help it: halved and roasted, whole and steamed, shredded and raw, my fondness for them knows no bounds.

So as any doting mom would, she recently suggested I try making a Brussels sprouts Caesar salad when she found a recipe for one the other day. And for whatever reason, I didn’t hear her say Caesar salad; instead, I heard tuna salad, and that was it for me. I could think of getting nothing else into my life but the tuna salad (though that Caesar salad is destined for my future, too).

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brussels sprouts & couscous.

There’s no need to get fancy on Meatless Monday (unless you want to, of course). Sometimes, all it takes are a few meat-free ingredients to toss together a tasty meal.

I happened upon the winning combination that is sauteed brussels sprouts and couscous one night when there wasn’t much else in the fridge or pantry for dinner (isn’t that how it always happens?). Little did I know that I’d end up loving this dish so much I’d make it, no joke, about once a week. It’s super simple to make, takes no time at all to toss together and renders just enough of that umami flavor that’s often lacking in other meat-free dishes.

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balsamic brussels sprouts salad with bacon + blueberries // Girl Versus Dough

My inner English language nerd is geeking out over the name of this recipe.

Balsamic. Brussels. Bacon. Blueberries. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

Ah, see? It’s coming full circle.

This salad is entirely the result of a moment of inspiration, a rumbling tummy and a little too much caffeine-induced cooking creativity. It’s the result of my inner sweet and savory monster, the one that wants both bacon and blueberries at the same time — with a little bit of goat cheese thrown in, thankyouverymuch.

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One Pan Lemon Rosemary Chicken Thighs | girlversusdough.com @girlversusdough

Does one ever need an intervention from one-pan dinners? You know what I mean — the kind where you throw everything on a sheet pan, stick it in the oven and soon after, dinner is READY. And it usually involves some sort of protein-and-veg situation with a delightful sauce and all of it somehow takes on the flavor of the other things crowding along with it on the sheet pan so every single bite is like a journey to Ultimate Flavortown.

So yeah, those… I don’t think an intervention is needed at all. Just more one-pan dinners, please.

I especially want more dinners in the very near future of this one pan lemon rosemary chicken thighs with sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts, considering the first one disappeared so quickly. Like, maybe tonight. And also tomorrow.

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Bourbon Maple Peanut Butter Cup Milkshake | girlversusdough.com @stephmwise

Two dessert recipe posts in a row with bourbon in them? UM YES/IS THIS EVEN A QUESTION.

But let me tell you why (as if I need an excuse). Because today is a very special day: the day when we celebrate the upcoming arrival of the one and only Jessica of How Sweet Eats‘ adorable baby (yes, I already know he or she will be adorable. It’s a sixth sense) with a big ol’ virtual baby shower. And what better way to celebrate the queen of all things trashed up-meaning-oh-so-delicious foods than with the classiest (trashiest?) of trashed-up cocktails — that is to say, this mother of a boozy milkshake. WITH BOURBON.

Oh, and maple syrup and peanut butter and peanut butter cups and chocolate ice cream and I’m dead.

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thanksgiving roundup.

So there’s this thing coming up next week. I think they call it Thanksgiving. Anyway, it’s a pretty big deal, when a lot of family and friends gather around the table for gratitude, good conversation and a great meal. And some of us might be hosting it, and some of us not, but we’re moving to a different state this week and all of our stuff is packed up in boxes and we’re kind of freaking out about how we’re going to help out this year because we really want to because HELLO, it’s Thanksgiving but we’re pretty sure we accidentally packed away the cranberry sauce somewhere that remains to be discovered, oh and we’re in charge of the turkey for the first time ever and we have no idea what we’re doing but that’s OK, right, because turkey’s like the easiest thing in the world to make and suddenly I’ve forgotten how to make mashed potatoes. (Good thing you can’t see me dripping sweat right now. I MEAN…)

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sugar snap pea salad with miso dressing

Life happenings/observations lately:

1) It’s been cold here. You know this. But what you don’t know is that because of said cold, I’ve upped my not-leaving-the-house-today attractiveness by wrapping my yoga pants/baggy sweatshirt-clad self in a blanket, kind of like an adult-size burrito, and walking/sitting like that inside all day. SO COOL, I am. But also, not freezing.

2) If someone could invent a completely non-alcoholic red wine that actually tastes like decent red wine and could ship me about a trillion bottles of it, I’d be so, so happy. Non-alcoholic Manhattans would be great, too. Oh, and sushi. BECAUSE THEY’RE ALL I WANT. Sigh.

3) Can we talk about maternity leggings? I’m not going to lie, guys, they’re amazing. Good talk.

4) I’m turning into that person who watches — nay, binges on — Friday Night Lights greatly in part because I have a weird marriage-crush on the Taylors but also: Tim Riggins. The end.

5) I made this salad, and it was like the salad angels opened wide the heavens and rained down into the salad all the magical deliciousness that a salad could possibly have. The end again.

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Spiced Lentils with Poached Eggs | girlversusdough.com @girlversusdough

I was vegetarian for a while. Did you know that? I feel like almost everyone who was vegetarian and now isn’t has had a similar experience: He couldn’t live without bacon. She couldn’t pass up any opportunity for a burger. For me, it was neither — it was simply that I had one too many bad experiences with bland, boring, uninspired vegetarian dishes, and I didn’t know how to cook any good meat-free dishes in my own home (besides a mean grilled cheese, that is. Perhaps I’ll share that recipe another day).

And so, since man and woman cannot live on grilled cheese alone (or at least I couldn’t, though I tried), I started incorporating meat back into my diet. And now, years later, I often find myself enjoying vegetarian dishes more than anything with meat. Funny how that works.

Of course, having bloggers like Erin of Naturally Ella to go to for veggie-filled inspiration helps. That girl knows her way around a vegetable, let me tell you. She’s also a cookbook author twice over. When I met her in person last summer, I quickly realized, too, that she’s a true gem of a lady. And she’s also about to become a mom to a baby boy. So what better way to celebrate her and her upcoming bundle of baby joy than with a super-quick, super-easy vegetarian recipe of celebratory proportions? ← That would be this lentil dish, FYI. Believe it.

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sweet potato-marshmallow cinnamon rolls

Sometimes I wonder if I could be one of those people who literally eats the exact same foods every day for his or her entire life. I mean, it would be convenient and there are plenty of foods I love enough to eat on a daily basis. Mashed potatoes are one of them. Same goes for peanut butter and jelly. Bread, duh. I could probably live on enchiladas, too, and cookie dough ice cream for dessert.

But then I think about all those other foods I love that would be neglected (like my beloved brussels sprouts, or macaroni and cheese, or my mom’s spaghetti sauce) and I realize that eating the same foods every day for my whole life would be a real drag (these are the things that take up space in my brain sometimes, I know).

One thing I could eat every day — if my hips would allow it, anyway — are breakfast rolls, reason being because there are so many variations you could make. Like these gingerbread rolls, for instance. Or these raspberry-filled ones, or these Meyer lemon poppy seed ones. Most likely, however, I’d go for these sweet potato-marshmallow cinnamon rolls time and time again because… well, I don’t think that really requires an explanation, do you?

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