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Girl Versus Dough -- About Me

Hello there.

My name is Stephanie. I’m a person. More specifically, I’m a writer and a self-taught baker. I’m also a pro at drinking coffee, watching movies and giving my husband/baby/cat/fellow carb lovers bear hugs.

I like a lot of things. You, for example (thank you for being here!). Also cookies, Jesus, sunshine, traveling, reading and anything by Van Gogh and Fleet Foxes. Oh, and cookies. And also my husband, Elliott, on whom I have an uncontrollable lifelong crush.


Girl Versus Dough -- About Me

Here’s our sweet little nugget, Avery. If the question you have is, “Does she make your heart swell and do you melt into a puddle of warm fuzzy feelings when you see her every day?” the answer is yes. Times 10,000.

percy cat.

And here’s our adorable kitten, Percy, whom we adopted from an animal shelter. He’s the friendliest cat you’ll ever meet. I dare you to find a friendlier one.

Elliott and I live in the Twin Cities. He works as a physician assistant. I am a newspaper reporter-turned-full-time food blogger/recipe developer and resident baker/blogger/babbler of this here blog. I love every minute of what I do, and I hope that comes through in my words and recipes.

When it comes to food, we don’t eat bread and carbs every day… but we don’t just eat whatever tastes good, either. We’re what you call “flexitarians,” to put it into terms. No, we’re not hippies. We just don’t eat meat unless it’s been ethically raised under sustainable practices. We’re not pushy about it; it’s simply how we like to live.

I love baking bread because it’s earthy and organic, and oftentimes you have to get your hands into it to make it beautiful. I like working with my hands. It’s good exercise.


I don’t claim to be an expert on the stuff, but if you’re curious, you should read what I have to say and maybe make a recipe or two. Then you and I can learn together.

rye bread.



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