hand holding one cookies and cream ice cream drumstick

Summer is here, and it is HOT. The last thing we want to do is turn on our ovens, but we’re also still craving something sweet. That’s where no-bake dessert recipes come in handy, and I’ve got 10 of them for you today! From ice cream to pie to cheesecake (yep, you read that right), no longer do you need to sacrifice dessert to beat the heat.

No-Bake Dessert Recipes, Coming In Hot

Friends, it is summertime here in Minnesota and while it is unquestionably the most glorious time of the year here, it is also H-O-T. And there are only so many gallons of water/iced coffees that can get me through a heat wave.

That being said, life still happens, the world still turns and sometimes, we still need dessert. But instead of having to suffer through a sweaty sauna of a kitchen with the oven on to make a baked good, we can rely on these 10 trusty no-bake dessert recipes in our times of need. If you’re craving something sweet or it’s your turn to bring dessert to the BBQ, reference this list and you’ll be able to achieve your goals and keep your cool at the same time.

No-Bake Banoffee Pie

a slice of banoffee pie on a plate

Don’t tell the others, but this might be my favorite no-bake pie of all time. We’ve got a chocolate graham cracker pie crust, a thick layer of homemade caramel, fresh sliced bananas and a boatload of whipped cream (which is an official measurement). This is the no-bake version of a traditional English dessert and I must say, it’s just as good–and you don’t even need to use the oven.

No-Bake French Silk Oreo Pie

no bake french silk oreo pie

I made this recipe back when we lived in an RV, so if I can make this pie IN A CAMPER, in the summer, you too can do this. And if that’s not enough incentive, perhaps the silky chocolate-Oreo filling and mountains of whipped cream all nestled in a bed of crushed Oreo cookies will do it for you.

Raspberry Pound Cake Tiramisu

a piece of raspberry pound cake tiramisu on a stack of plates

For a recipe that looks this pretty, it’s hard to believe an oven is not involved. But it’s true! This pound cake tiramisu is entirely no-bake, and also entirely delicious. I can’t decide if the mascarpone whipped cream or the orange liqueur-spiked raspberry jam filling is my favorite part, but it doesn’t matter, because there is a 100% chance I will eat it all (and you will, too).

Fluffernutter Cups

fluffernutter cups on a surface with one cut open

Here’s what you get when you combine dark chocolate, marshmallow fluff, peanut butter and flaky sea salt together into a no-bake dessert cup: YUMMMMMMMM. Do not sleep on this one, my dudes.

Golden Oreo Dirt Cups

a golden oreo dirt cup on a cutting board with a spoon next to it

The nostalgia level of these homemade dirt cups is through the roof (raise your hand if a dirt cup at school was THE BEST THING EVER), and yet they also feel very modern and grown-up, too! My point is, when you combine a scratch-made white chocolate pudding with golden Oreos and gummy worms, everyone of all ages is happy.

Instant Pot Chocolate Cheesecake

sliced instant pot chocolate cheesecake on a plate

Pick your jaw up from off the floor–yes, this cheesecake (!) is made in an Instant Pot. No, it isn’t difficult to make. Yes, there are three indulgent and delectable layers of chocolate going on here. No, you won’t have any leftovers.

Chocolate-Peanut Butter Pretzel Tart

chocolate peanut butter tart

I will never not love the trio of chocolate, peanut butter and pretzels, especially when they all combine into one dessert tart that doesn’t require an oven. This might be a vintage GVD recipe (2015, holy smokes!), but it still holds up today as one of my favorites. You won’t regret putting time into this one, I promise you.

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Drumsticks

cookies and cream ice cream drumsticks in a glass with a bite taken out of one

A homemade ice cream drumstick > a store-bought ice cream drumstick. There, I said it. But here’s why: This cookies and cream variation includes Oreo ice cream, a thick chocolate coating and more crushed Oreos on the outside in a giant waffle cone. Plus, love and joy. Those are also ingredients in this no-bake dessert recipe.

Double Chocolate Buckeyes

overhead shot of double chocolate buckeyes

These peanut butter truffles are dipped into not one, but TWO types of chocolate, which is enough incentive for me to make them. But if it’s not enough for you, here’s more: It takes just 15 minutes to make three dozen, you only need seven ingredients, and they’ll keep for a week in the fridge. My sweet tooth has never been happier in the summertime than when I have these buckeyes around.

Saffron Ice Cream

saffron ice cream in a bowl

If you’ve never had the pleasure of eating saffron-flavored ice cream, NOW IS YOUR TIME. It’s so so good, you guys–I can’t even put into words how good it is. I would even go so far as to say that, if you don’t have an ice cream maker, you should get one just to make this ice cream. Your sweet tooth will thank you.

I hope this list gives you the inspiration you need to make some yummy treats this summer, no matter the weather! I know I’ll be keeping cool with these no-bake desserts all season long.