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tips + tricks

tips + tricks

Since we’re on this journey together of baking bread and other yummy things, I thought I’d share a handy list of 13 tips (a “Baker’s Dozen,” if you will) that have helped keep me...


I’m part of this amazing community known as The Influence Network (started by the same gals who created the She Reads Truth community, which is equally awesome and socks rocking… seriously, if you need...

Raspberry Swirl Rolls

raspberry swirl rolls

I tried. I really did. I really tried to make January the Month of Healthy Eating. I really tried to eat more kale and drink more water. I even tried to schedule a full...

Bread and Butter

bread & butter

There are three reasons why I love this post. Two of those reasons involve butter. The other involves bread. And thus also sums up what I love about life.

mini banana cream cookie pies on cake stand

mini banana cream cookie pies

I’ve got something to say about these mini banana cream cookie pies (are you surprised?). See, in case you haven’t heard me blather on about my seriously unfortunate banana allergy, allow me to bring...

Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

thanksgiving recipe roundup

So there’s this thing coming up next week. I think they call it Thanksgiving. Anyway, it’s a pretty big deal, when a lot of family and friends gather around the table for gratitude, good...

Mini Honeycomb Buns

mini honeycomb buns

I sometimes wonder whom I’d be like if I were royalty. Would I be more like Princess Mia in “The Princess Diaries,” a little quirky and clueless but very down-to-earth and well-liked? Would I...

Cheesy Pizza Puffs

cheesy pizza puffs

There are so many cookies in my life right now. Seriously — I’ve got pepperminty candy cane cookies, fudgy chocolate crinkles, peanut butter balls and snickerdoodles coming out of my ears. You’d think —...