15 holiday bread recipes

The question you should be asking yourself is not if you’ll be baking any holiday bread recipes, but rather which one. I KNOW — it’s a tough decision. But not to worry, as I’ve compiled a list of not one, not five, but 15 solidly awesome and delicious options for you to choose from. Hooray for the holidays! Also, hooray for bread.

(FYI, there are eleventy billion more options including yeast breads, quick breads and biscuits/rolls, should you decide this list just isn’t enough. I completely understand).

whole wheat brioche danish with honey glazed apricots

The only thing I love more than one of these Wheat Brioche Danish with Honey-Glazed Apricots is two of them. Preferably devoured all at once.

sweet potato marshmallow cinnamon rolls

Sweet Potato Marshmallow Cinnamon Rolls, a.k.a., can my pillow be made of these?

oatmeal pan rolls

These Oatmeal Pan Rolls called and they want to be a part of your Christmas dinner plans in a big way.

morning glory scones on cooling rack

Morning Glory Scones: perhaps the only reason I will get out from underneath my cozy comforter on a winter morn.

monte cristo crescent wreath on plate

I cannot stress this enough: This Monte Cristo Crescent Ring is a necessity in your holiday party/dinner/late-night-binge-watching-Scandal life.

gingerbread cinnamon roll on plate

These Gingerbread Cinnamon Rolls taste like gingerbread! But also cinnamon rolls! IT’S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE.

brie and jam pretzel hand pies on serving plate

Brie and Jam Pretzel Hand Pies, I will love you the mostest always and forever xoxo.

raspberry swirl rolls on cooling rack

Raspberry Swirl Rolls: Swirl after swirl of sweet berry goodness.

cranberry orange cornbread on plate

Because you can’t just have regular cornbread around the holidays, obvi, so you need this Cranberry Orange Cornbread.

cookie butter banana bread

Cookie Butter Banana Bread. There isn’t really much more to say about this one.

chai spiced coconut pear bread

If I find a slice or five of this Chai-Spiced Coconut Pear Bread in my Christmas stocking, I’ll be one happy gal.

caramel macchiato doughnut muffins

The same goes for these Caramel Macchiato Doughnut Muffins. I MEAN.

fig raspberry and sea salt challah bread loaf

I’m feeling a good French toast with this Fig, Raspberry and Sea Salt Challah on Christmas morning. Heavenly.

eggnog cinnamon swirl bread

This Eggnog Cinnamon Swirl Bread is full of eggnog-y and cinnamon flavors and sparkles and snowflakes and sugarplum fairy dreams. Or just yums, maybe.

cherry cheesecake monkey bread

Cherry Cheesecake Monkey Bread, for anyone who loves to eat anything delicious.

Happy baking and happy holidays, my dear friends!