mini cheesy pretzel dogs

Mmmk so let’s be honest — even though it’s summertime and the kids are out of school and you’re probably (hopefully!) getting those Friday half-day summer hours at the office (at least my friend has these; but she also has things like luaus and pajama parties at her office, so let’s all be jealous for a second and then move along) and Minnesota is ridiculously beautiful right now — I’m coping with a major case of wanderlust. And by coping, I mean stuffing my face with things like mini cheesy pretzel dogs because SOMEBODY is keeping a vacation out of reach for quite a while. Pssh. The nerve.

But really, if I can’t travel to the shores of the Caribbean or the top of the Rockies or the castles of Germany or the… uh… well, anything of Bali (what is in Bali, anyway? Not sure, but I so want to go to there) or in my friend Erin’s case, the farmers markets and bakeries of France, I can be down with my alternative plan, which, as mentioned above, involves copious amounts of mini cheesy pretzel dogs. And baby snuggles.


All of this to say, my dear friend Erin of The Law Student’s Wife (you may recall her as the genius who combined chocolate and breakfast in granola form a couple of weeks ago) is on the trip of a lifetime with her hubs to France for the next four weeks, and she’s asked a few of her blogger friends to fill in on her blog in the meantime. So I’m bringing mini hot dogs stuffed with melty American cheese and wrapped in pretzels to the party — you know, because I’m classy like that. But also because they’re delicious and I want to share the deliciousness with all y’all (I mean, the class just overfloweth).

So head on over for the recipe and while you’re there, give Erin a follow on the Instagram so I’m not the only one living vicariously through her photos abroad. Kthanksbye.