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Pumpkin Cranberry Flaxseed Crisps | @girlversusdough

I took this weekend as a time for me to reflect on so many parts of my life — a task that was all at once exhilarating and exhausting (and a bit of a challenge with a two-year-old constantly in tow). But with the impending changes to our family on the horizon, it’s time I start planning for the future, both immediate and long-term. I apologize for leaving that so cryptic, but just know that this blog and all of you dear readers and what everything I do means to me was a big part of my time in reflection, because I don’t take this space lightly — even when I say things like “much droolage,” as you’ll note below. Each time I set to write a blog post I envision myself writing a love letter, to my invisible online friends and to the food I created to share here. These pumpkin cranberry flaxseed crisps, in particular, were easy to write about with loving, adoring words. If you try them, I think you’ll wholeheartedly agree.

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A Season of Hope | @girlversusdough

Happiest of Fridays, friends!

In case you missed our announcement on the social media, we are excited to share that we’re adding another little pumpkin to our family next April! For those who are interested, I’ll be 14 weeks along this Sunday (the babe is the size of a peach or a lemon, if you’re into those fruit comparison things) and yes, we are definitely going to find out what we’re having (coincidentally, on the same week we’re closing on our new house)! Because I am the worst with surprises and I have a serious need to plan ahead.

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Homemade Soft Pretzels, Three Ways | @girlversusdough

Greetings from sunny, gorgeous, mountainous Denver! It’s where we’ve been the last couple of days and will continue to be for another day and a half to visit friends, climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow till we find — a beer and a burger, probably, because at that point we deserve it.

I wouldn’t be mad, though, if instead one of these homemade soft pretzels made its way to my face as a reward for all of this mountain-ing (and by mountain-ing, I basically mean we did one hike and then looked at a lot of mountains. It’s HOW I DO). I wouldn’t even be picky: cinnamon sugar, garlic Parmesan or za’atar sesame-topped, I would take any or all of them. Till I fiiiiind myyyy dreammmmm (please don’t leave I’m done I promise and hey look at these pretty pretzels!).

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Brown Butter Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls | @girlversusdough

Behold: Your new favorite cinnamon roll. Brown butter, pumpkin, cinnamon roll ooey-gooeyness. Four ingredients to sweet breakfast perfection.

Have you ever wanted pumpkin pie and cinnamon rolls for breakfast? Have you ever wanted to try brown butter mixed with pumpkin and spices? Have you ever wanted to eat a cinnamon roll nearly as big as your face that contains all the flavors of fall while also maintaining its classic cinnamon roll-ness?

Yeah, me too.

We can thank these brown butter pumpkin cinnamon rolls for giving us all of our wants and needs and more.

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Mini Cream Cheese Apple Crisps | @girlversusdough

Things are getting cream cheesy and apple-y around here! And I LIKE IT. I hope you do, too.

Few things are more necessary to the full fall experience than baking apple crisp (especially with handpicked apples from the orchard) — but why just go the traditional route when we can have mini cream cheese apple crisps, a.k.a. apple crisps with a delicious cheesecake-like topping, in individual bowls (that you can win, BTW!), meaning you don’t have to share? I’ll take that scenario any day.

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Nut-Crusted Cranberry Tart | @girlversusdough

It’s nearly the weekend and I’m very excited about it. This weekend doesn’t necessarily hold any special plans, unless you count sleeping in (until, like, 7:30, let’s be real) and wearing PJs past noon and maybe eating this Nut-Crusted Cranberry Tart for breakfast as plans — in which case, I have many many plans for this weekend. I hope you have similar plans for yourself (that include sleeping in way past 7:30).

This beauty of a cranberry tart comes straight from Martha Stewart and is actually a sneak preview recipe from her upcoming season of “Martha Bakes” on PBS, which airs this weekend (another reason I’m excited for the weekend)! So click through and scroll on down for the exclusive recipe (and maybe also more ramblings from yours truly about the gloriousness that is wearing PJs past noon).

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